• Cost Management & Quantity Surveying

    Whatever we do with our natural or built environment the requirement to achieve value for money and/or maximise return on investment are central to every investment strategy.

    With over 27 years’ local experience of cost management across all sectors, our in-depth market and construction knowledge enables us to evaluate and reduce costs, while focusing to increase the value of assets. Tomlin’s team of experienced and skilled professional cost consultants manage and protect client’s commercial interests from start to finish of each development. Often we are called on beyond the completion of a given project to deliver cost management during the entire life cycle of a built asset.

    We understand the importance of early budgeting and cost planning to clients who are undertaking capital projects or programmes. Whether procuring an existing asset or land with development potential or planning the development or redevelopment of a property we provide accurate cost advice and a clear procurement strategy. This is based on our vast and regularly updated key cost indicators and a tailored approach which best suits the project considering the particular circumstances and requirements of clients.

    Tomlin, as an independent cost consultancy of professionals with engineering, design and construction background offer impartial cost, cash flow, programme and risk related advice with particular strength in value engineering. We not only forecast and manage costs and changes but actively influence them to maximise the return on investment. Our excellent technical knowledge enables us to balance scope, time and cost whilst taking risk factors are into consideration.

    Being in the market for close to three decades and having extensive market intelligence, Tomlin is the right partner to advise investors, developers, end users and financial institutions on every aspect of a development. Specifically we are able to identify and recommend potential general and work package contractors, suppliers, the most efficient procurement strategy, construction contractual arrangements, guarantees, bonds, securities and other matters that have direct or indirect effects on the ultimate financial outcome of the project.

    We will take your commercial goals as our own, ensure your cost and value targets are achieved and manage threats and opportunities pro-actively.