• Solar Energy

    Solar Energy

    Solar Energy is probably the most reliable and certainly the cleanest form of renewable energy. Solar PV has many advantages such as predictable outputs, limited moving components and endless fuel source. Alongside with similar energy sources – like wind – solar plants are the future and we are proud to be part of their development in Hungary.

    In addition to development strategy advice our Solar Department provides site research, technical consultancy, regulatory advisory, project management and cost control services for commercial developers and end-users interested to build Solar PV plants in the country or install Solar PV systems onto their built assets.

    Tomlin’s team provides end-to-end support to our clients, from inception to implementation, from ongoing commissioning to operating the completed energy generating assets.

    We believe in the future of energy generation from renewable sources and low carbon technologies such as solar plants, but we never forget that each and every project must meet the investor’s objectives. Tomlin is committed to plan and deliver the most efficient project for the Clients at the best price. With other words, we aim to work with our Clients to find the optimum technical solution for achieving their commercial objectives on a site with a given physical possibilities.



    TDD and Feasibility

    1. Project and portfolio reviews
    2. Market review for new entries / market analysis
    3. Desktop studies
    4. Site research, identification and selection
    5. Solar resource assessment and energy yield prediction
    6. Assistance to financial feasibilities
    7. Technical Due Diligence at any stage of the development

    Environmental consultancy

    1. Advising on the need of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
    2. Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments

    Land related services

    1. Preliminary agreement with Landowners
    2. Pre-purchase phase: contract review, negotiations and support
    3. Advising on land purchase / lease contracts
    4. Negotiation and finalize agreement with landowners

    Technical representation

    1. Technical advisor and developer’s representative
    2. Lender’s representative
    3. Technical guidance throughout development phase

    Design and modelling

    1. Concept design and modelling - project sizing and design optimization
    2. Technical design and specification
    3. Detailed design: component definition, plant layout, SLD, grid connection
    4. Detailed site surveys

    Permitting and Grid connection related services

    1. Feasibility study for DSO application
    2. Arrange Grid Connection Agreement
    3. Planning/zoning application

    Procurement, tendering

    1. EPC and O&M tendering / procurement
    2. EPC and O&M contract review and negotiations


    1. Contract administration
    2. Electrical and control systems expertise
    3. Civil and structural expertise
    4. QA Inspections and Factory Acceptance Tests
    5. Project and site management, technical supervision including health & safety
    6. On-site monitoring at construction and operation phases
    7. Hand-over to operation management