• Technical Supervision

    Strong technical supervision is not only an essential role in the local construction industry but, in certain type and size of projects, a statutory requirement. Our qualified and experienced high quality technical supervisors are critical to ensure that the agreed quality, time and health and safety requirements during implementation and warranty period phases are met.

    Tomlin’s technical supervisors, specialised with under and above ground structures, architectural works, M&E building services and road and infrastructure works, commence their work well before the construction starts. They are the ones who review the design consultants’ plans and specifications, suggesting improvements and diligently examine the contractors’ proposals in the tender phase from the point of view of buildability, construction methodology and health and safety.

    Our technical supervisors passionately love what they do and, by working closely with the contractors, employ their best endeavours to deliver a final product which supersedes the contractual targets whilst enforcing that all participants deliver on time. Our team is experienced, thorough, dedicated, capable and savvy, bringing confidence to the other team members and hence the clients.

    The team is expert in materials quality, building techniques and methods and are up-to-date with relevant standards, codes, technical conditions, permissions, certificates and contractual requirements, with a constant view to health and safety.

    We are committed to good governance and, in this respect, Tomlin’s technical supervisors ensure that all construction sites are operating within all relevant local regulations at all times, as well as adopting international best practice whenever possible.