• Sustainability Consultancy

    One of Tomlin’s objectives is to contribute to the transformation of the world to become a sustainable and healthy home for future generations.

    We define sustainability as a holistic approach to the built environment and our services are built around this. We offer a wide range of sustainability services to our clients assisting them to increase their asset value and marketability, re-position their properties, make their facilities compliant with market trends and statutory requirements, mitigate environmental related risks and lower maintenance & operational costs. We share our clients’ environmental commitment and work hard to enable them to meet future sustainability requirements today whilst never losing sight of the bottom line benefits.

    We deliver our services with qualified and exceptionally well trained and experienced professionals and, as a licensed BREEAM company with accredited BREEAM International Auditors, BREEAM AP’s and LEED AP’s, we are the market leader in this area.

    Our team is skilled to provide all standard environmental consultancy services, "Green Building" services such as
    • Green Building Consultancy and Accredited Certification Services for New and Existing Projects (LEED, BREEAM, WELL)
    • Life Cycle Assessment
    • Environmental & Technical Due Diligence [Phase 1]
    • Soil and Ground Water Investigation [Phase 2]

    and Strategic environmental consultancy services such as
    • Sustainability Concepts and Policies
    • Smart City Projects
    • Portfolio level Certification and Consultancy

    We take a broad, interdisciplinary and value-based approach that helps businesses identify, prioritise and realise environmental and sustainability performance and efficiency opportunities, mitigating risks at the same time. Our holistic approach and experience in this field results in an increase in the overall value of our client’s assets.